Principal's words

When we first started, doubt was the only thing that was certain. And while everyone was doubtful, my personal doubt was perhaps the strongest. Suitcase Club was started as a spin-off project from its 30 years of experience manufacturer.We knew we wanted to change all things in the world of suitcase. Everyone's guidance was that "you can't do 10 things at once". And so we did what was the right thing to do. We decided to do everything at once.

I have now learnt there's merit in the advice of doing one thing at a time, but I also know that I and we could not be happier today. The wrong thing to do was the right thing for us. By focusing on many brands in many segments, our team is always alive and excited. None of our brands on their own could afford to have its own marketing, creative team, distribution offices and complex backend systems, but combined together, they can each afford their timeshare of our incredible team and resources. 

Building a brand is difficult. It's like building trust. I have been fortunate to experience both success and failure in creating brands along this path, I have identified my passion for creating authentic brands and guarding their growth like a benevolent parent. We take pride in our Brands. We believe that if we are great, people will notice and opportunities will appear.

— Andy YJ, Principal


"Omnis" is Latin for "every/all" and our branding strategy integrates of all physical channels (offline) and digital channels (online) to offer a unified customer experience. We now have a growing portfolio of more than 1000 styles in more than 5 markets. Some of these brands have already become leaders in market segments while some are still waiting impatiently to be born. Our brand portfolio specifically focuses on partnering with department stores, fashion brands and lifestyle product retailer that offer an open-selling environment. 

— Winy, Brand Director